My experiences with Zorin OS 16 Core - A thread by Nyxw

Hello, hi, ayooo, how are you all doing?

I'm Nyxw and I'm new to this forum. I found out about Zorin around 2 years ago, when Zorin 15 was like 5 months away from release. Since then, I've been quitely watching it grow, and as years passed my PC aged. For instance, my PC has a i5-3470 and a GTX 1650, paired with 4GB DDR3-1333MHz RAM. So running the simplest tasks on Win10 brought my PC down to it's knees.

So, after a few months after the release of ZOS16, I knew I had to go all in or wait months for a usable PC. So, after countless hours and bypasses, I had a bootable USB. Inserted it into my PC and started the installation. I had to use the 'Delete everything and install Zorin on this disk'. I wanted to do partitioning, but my small brain couldn't understand WHAT was wrong, and last time I think I messed up the partitions and it messed up my main PC. Zorin and Windows included.

But after a while, I finally got it. ZOS16. And OMG, I knew it is SUPER POLISHED. I saw it in videos, but it's way better in person.

Though, there are a few issues I encountered.

  1. Unlike Windows, when you snap windows to a place in the screen, the is something that pops up showing your open apps and asks you what to pin(you probably know what I'm talking about). Maybe I did smth wrong, but Zorin doesn't do it, and I miss it :frowning:

  2. I noticed Zorin has smth called a SWAP File, which, as far as I could find, its Virtual Memory. Playing Minecraft, it filled up pretty quick, but while everything was smooth, the game just crashed completely. Not just the game, but the whole system. After a while, Zorin logged me out, and presumably closed MC. I changed the SWAP file from 2GB to 14.9GB, so I don't think there will be a massive issue.

  3. Again, maybe I messed smth up, but on the Software store, some 'Package Sources(Don't kill me, this is the best name I could think of)' don't require passwords to install software, while the main Zorin Package Source requests. It wouldn't be a problem if both installed, but no password = no installation.

  4. More of a question actually. Some apps aren't available on the Software store. As such I had to do the old windows way and go to the app's website and download it from there. But when I do, the apps don't show up in the main menu, nor I can pin anything to the taskbar. I also noticed I can't change the .appimage icons, which is sad as I don't want to have multiple apps with the same icon.

These are by far my biggest issues I could find with Zorin. Basically all my apps work, and the ones who will not like Adobe Apps is up to Adobe to add Linux Support.

Anyway. It amazing to see such a functional OS made by such a small company(small because from what I could find they don't have 100+ employees like other companies).

If you know how to fix my issues, please do let me know. Looking forward onto a reply.

Best regards, Nyxw


I think that this is great feedback.
For the Particular Issues that you would like troubleshooting on, could you please start a new thread on just that topic in the #general-help forum?
That way we can focus on one issue at a time and hopefully find a solution that can also help others that search it.


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Welcome to Zorin OS 16 Core! You are very stellar :star2: for updating your profile!

I concur, this is very solid feedback, exactly what we and the Zorins need. And for this very informative feedback, you are also very stellar :star2:

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