My Feedback to Zorin

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i've been on ubuntu before and not everything worked out the box. (in fact none of the previous distros i tried worked out the box ,and i tried a lot )
when i installed zorin while back , everything did work ...
just my experience.
maybe it depends on the pc setup

edit : are you referring to libre specifically ? mine works 100s out the box .

Zorin OS 17 Pro works fine for me straight out of the box. The forum is a good venue to ask questions and receive useful answers. A good competitor to Zorin is the latest Linux Mint 21.3 but Zorin is slightly more user friendly and better presented on the desktop for me.


I am running Zorin 17 pro as a first time Linux user, I have it on a Dell Latitude; laptop dual boot with Windows 11 all worked fine until Bluetooth stopped working, it connects for one second and then disconnects, I have tried all of the solutions presented on this forum but nothing works and yet Bluetooth works every time in Windows and today when I logged in I had a new screen layout, instead of the usual start button in the left-hand corner, I now have a box with some apps in the bottom center of the screen, why did it change? how do I change it back? I am spending all of my time on Zorin troubleshooting and getting nowhere so for me it's back to Windows until Zorin becomes more user friendly.

Enter in Zorin Appearence application, then Layout and select one of this two options:

press windows key > search zorin appearance in the magnifying glass on top of the screen > and choose the design you want