My fight with Zorin

Hello all.
After using Zorin mostly when was released. I have many experience with version xfce,core,xfce pro and pro version Zorin.
I got many help on this forum how to correct installing Zorin and configuration my hardware also software.
Hopping Linux or hardware for me is some nonsense.
That why mostly using Zorin.
I seeing big potencial in Zorin distribution.
For some hardware Zorin is perfect for office and gaming,friendly for user and simple.
Very fast and stable. Most software what i was using on windows also working on Zorin for my preferences.
I know and reading some people have experience with issue some software. I know we cannot redeem the world.
I replaced old graphic card with new graphic card because my old have issue with black screen. With new graphic card black screen go but then coming another issues.
Hopping with hardware or linux is little confuse like a win on lottery. I reading some post on websides and for some people working and for someone not working.
I know drivers are not perfectly and no open source.
I am tired with some new issue in my hardware and "thousand" idea how to repair that and searching and digging web.
Zorin working out from the box.
One what I can sayed Zorin can be a daily driver but not with my computer. Sadly but true.
I never gave up to fast. Uninstalled also snap and flatpak.

Installed correct drivers and we will se if something going better..


I'm not asking you to leave Zorin, far from it. Would be curious as to what your experience would be running Devuan live edition on a Thumb drive/Memory stick:

I'm running Plasma (KDE) with my GT1030 graphics card.

When uninstalled some things and installing correct drivers 470 not 510 working ok.

Glad to hear. Personally I avoid nvidia blobs like the plague!

That means nvidia is not good for linux?

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Just my personal preferences - when I ran SolydX (xfce) it warns of proprietary blobs being a security issue. Another distro I need to add to my list that I forgot I had installed on hard metal!

Morning I know that things are changing at Nvidia they have announced that they will be working closer to the Linux Kernal from here on "I think it is because they have seen how good the Steam Deck is, also how well AMD are doing with Linux" and hopefully this will help in the future.

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