My games from steam are launching on wrong Screen

When I start random game for example Bloons TD 6 it launches on my left screen and i want them to launch on my right screen even when i Alt+Enter them to Windowed and move them to right screen and Alt+Enter them again they just jump to left screen. May anybody help me with that?

Try changing your options Isolate workspaces and Isolate monitors, right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Behavior to see them. You can also try changing the screens order on Settings > Screens, just drag and drop one of the 2 screen icons to change their order.

in Taskbar Settings > Behavior i don't see any Isolate workspaces or Isolate monitors I forget to add it to Post but when i move the Game to screen that I want it to be on (2nd Screen) I can't interact with the game in any way.

Weird, because I see them, anyone should :thinking:.

Are you using another DE instead of Zorin Desktop? For example, there were some reports of users having problems when using Zorin Desktop on Wayland.

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