My hp laptop freeze when I boot zorin 16 and i can't use my system right now for this issues

I have just started using zorin OS 16 now I am totally confused how to get rid from get your boot screen frozen completely. Most amazing thing is I can't change the distro because the grub problem is all over the system and my system is keep freezing every time when I boot it up.

First of all I am a beginner in Linux now I don't know how to use Linux distro in geeky I am a simple Windows user and know the simple graphical command line or something like that but I don't know how to use Linux or Linux command line or how to edit the grub and everything else.

If anyone of you can help me then please help me out I am totally stuck and confused.

Get into the boot menu by spamming the boot key (usually F12)
select Windows boot manager from there (this will help skip grub loading)
Boot into windows

This will help you booting into windows from here on you will have many options such as removing the Zorin installation itself or setting the path boot manager to load Windows by default.

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Did you enter the bios and make sure that SECURE BOOT and FAST BOOT are disabled? If you've never been in the BIOS before.......

When computer is off, press the power button to turn it on. Tap the delete key repeatedly, which should get you into the BIOS. Some computers use F2 key instead to enter bios, I don't know what your computer is, so I can't tell you for sure which key is it.

Search the tabs in the bios till you find SECURE BOOT and FAST BOOT and disable them both. Then its usually F10 to save and exit your bios, but might be different in your bios, but you will find it if its different, usually bios provides a key legend at the bottom or the side.

If this does not get you going, then this might be an issue related to several other's on the forum lately who have reported the same issue. In which case, you will have to wait for a resolution, as I have none.

Other then one last thing.....

When you burned the ISO to a USB drive, I assume (though I really shouldn't) you checked the SHA256 checksum HASH for ISO integrity? Actually, I am guessing you hadn't, so you may or may not have a corrupted ISO. Only way to know is to compare the SHA256 checksum HASH and confirm.

Also, I am going to assume (Again I probably shouldn't) that you used Balena Etcher to make the ISO burn, which may have resulted in a bad experience. For windows users, I recommend burning ISO's to USB drives via Rufus or Unetbootin.

I say this, because Balena Etcher is known to screw up drives and not do the burning process properly. But one thing at a time here.

I had to use Balena etcher, since rufus wasn't able to burn it. It gave missing files error and upon download it crashed.

This only happened with ubuntu and zorin for me, It worked fine with Pop OS and deepin OS .

Balena worked pretty fine for me

You may try booting into the live image, open the file explorer. Navigate to /etc/grub and copy grub.cfg. then navigate to your internal hard drive: other on the left hand side near the bottom, the drive will be the size you specified (dual booting there should be two unless you have more drives). One will be windows, the other will be zorin. Go to the /etc/grub and paste, overwriting the existing file. Reboot and try.

The only other possibility may be the boot repair tool in the system category in the app menu.

Mostly everywhere i using Balena etcher - never killed any usb.
I hope this creator iso don't changed files iso or put inside some files with backdoors.
Rufus working but sometimes need some files.

You are right I used belena for iso burn. And I did off the secured boot, legacy boot, and fast boot. But it was just the grub which conflict with display driver.

My system is completely frozen. I have an idea to manually format my ssd and i will reinstall it, let's see what happens.

I don't have windows boot manager in my start up screen.
I have ,
Zorin os
Zorin os appearance
UEFI setting
These 3 options.

I do not meant the start up screen,
I meant the screen from where you selected to boot up from your pendrive while installing
you can get into it windows from there

Have you tried Boot Repair?

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