My issues with Zorin. Anyone has fixes for them?

I've been daily driving Zorin for 2 weeks now. Its been great, but there are some issues I found that make me go crazy.

Here are some of them:

  • Windows Search ain't great, but, why can I only search for apps on Zorin. Is it a command I need to use?

  • Window Snapping, it's super important.

  • Why can't I change the icon on an AppImage to something custom. Speaking of app images, why can't I pin them to the Task bar? And why can't I find AppImages in search?

  • Rounded corners on the task bar is cool, but only possible if enable Intelisense Hide or something like that, which even affects fullscreen mode :frowning: isn't there a way to keep the rounder corner task bar without Intelisense hide?

  • Said this before, but why do some package sources require passwords to install apps on the Software app and others don't. I think those bug and and because they don't shave permissions they can't install.

Maybe there are super easy fixes for this using external mods. If yes, please link them. I need them..

Hopefully I wasn't rude
Best regards, Nyxw

(For those who read this, I'm sorry. I accidentally posted this in Guides and tutorials instead of here. Plz mods, don't ban me :frowning: )

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In Zorin Lite or if you install Cinnamon, the App menu can search through DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing or whatever you want. I admit - I always disable this on mine...

What is the question...? Windows snapping is available and present in Zorin OS.

Again, in XFCE or in Cinnamon, you can.

Please see above...

It is not a bug - some software only installs in your home folder- no password needed. Anything that installs to ROOT must be Password Secured.


I'll think about it...


As always, @Aravisian already provided on-point answers. I'll just add on one, because it might be helpful to you:

I personally like Ulauncher and use it for opening up apps, running "expanders" (snippets), and managing my clipboard. It can do much more, but I like to keep things simple.

Oh, and regarding this one:

You can change that in the Zorin Dash settings (I can't remember if I had to install Gnome Extensions, or if they were already installed, to see that).


Yeah I can't either but this is a good add on if one doesn't have it. Gnome Tweaks


Oh sorry, I didn't clarify it correctly. What I meant was compared to Windows where you get a pop up in the blank space, asking what to Dock there, on Zorin you need to do so manually. It's not a game breaker, but it will take time to get used to.

In respect of App Images, these are created by the app creator and may have their 'proprietary' icon locked.

Another issue may come across is where third party apps only work if the OS is recognised as Ubuntu. If it discovers Zorin OS identifier it will refuse to install. There is a way round this to temporarily change your OS identity in order to install such apps that was posted by madvinegar in the old forum but is no longer there.


Temporarily change:




Doing this means you must remember to change it back when finished otherwise, you run into the same problem in reverse.


This might help (example given is Firefox Appimage):

AppImage FAQ

Can I integrate AppImage to the system?

Yes you can. Create a file named xyz.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications/ with the following contents :
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Start AppImage Firefox Browser


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