My laptop freezes when I close It

I have a dell inspiron 5557. When I close it and then open it, the dell logo appears and my laptop freezes. The only way that I can work on it again is pressing the power button to shut it down and then power on.

Is there something that I can do?

@Aravisian, is gnome desktop freezing or his gpu (geforce 930m) ? Or is it a power saving setting ?

@rochalucas, what Nvidia drivers are you using ?


It's not the power saving. I'm using "Nvidia driver metapackage from nvidia -driver 470". I don't know what is freezing. I close my laptop and then when I open it, It freezes with the logo of dell.

it's a reasonably common Ubuntu Problem and I have seen it happen on Xubuntu, as well.
There are many things that can cause it... so troubleshooting it is often a temple-rubbing event.

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