My latop suddenly stoped working and started saying boot device not found

it said ending innit smthing then i waited a long time then i decided to restart the laptop and then boot devivce not found cam so pls help so i tried reinstalling zorin and the hard disk didnt show so can anyone pls help cause its gonna take like 1-2 months for it to get repaired and will i able to retrive my files pls help

i also tried putting it in a external hard disk cause but the ssd didnt show on my windows pc

this happened when i inserted my blutooth dongle in the latop while starting

Note: For sometime it wasnt showing me the zorin logo instead it was showing me a console before starting everytime idk why and thats why i know there was some end innit error smthing

There are several things that can cause this. A trial by elimination:

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Have you checked BIOS settings? And what type of SSD; NVMe or SATA? You can also boot a live USB and run some HD checks - GPartedLive has some good tools.

my big brother is saying its faulty hardware i already tried using usb to boot everything is fine only ssd and the port for ssd not working as i tried a hhd didnt work and put ssd in ny windows pc and it didn't work his guess is that the hard disk/sdd port was faulty resulting in the ssd being dmged and no boot device error coming. i tried zorin installer which was working but the ssd wasn't showing and the extra hdd i had didnt work as well

so what should i do

i alr tried that b4 making this post

Have you performed a S.M.A.R.T. test on your drive?

Apart from looking at the solder joints, I'd say it's most likely a mobo replacement at this point. Either that or you need an update for your BIOS?.. Also, did you try 'legacy mode' instead of AHCI?

Is the storage physically disconnected?

the drive isnt showing anyware nog in my windows pc external drive case or in the zorin installer or the bios and the drive wuold suddenly stop working like this b4 and my big brother then put it out then put it vack in so its obously faulty hardware

This does seem the most likely.

Is your SSD SATA2/3 or NVMe??

If you have enough RAM, just disable the swap file / partition. That should hep reduce read/write on the drive. <-- and before anyone says anything about the apparent dead drive already being discussed - this is for future drive/s..

ssd was dammaged got new one installed zorin back works fine thx :slight_smile:

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