My NVIDIA drivers seem to be broken

I am new to the Linux world
Since I installed Zorin on my old laptop my screen has gone crazy
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zorin but this didn't fix
any suggestions to fix
Gpu: NVIDIA 105m
Laptop: HP Pavilion dv3
Windowing system: Wayland

This happens to any app or window I open

This happens after I start the laptop and shutdown

Let me know if any information is needed to fix this


Hi and welcome! That is quite an old notebook and even earlier versions of Ubuntu had issues with that particular notebook. I would give Antix a try, or possibly PCLinuxOS xfce version, but absolutely no guarantees.


There is no fix I can try to fix it?

I am afraid not. Sadly mainstream GNU/Linux is forever trying to compete with that other OS. Someone once told me that Gaming Industry in terms of cash generation is second only to pxxn worldwide. As most computer gamers therefore want an OS that can perform as well as the native OS for most games means that old machines are deemed to be e-waste. One of the tennets of GNU/Linux is that you can "breathe new life into old machines". Another potential you might lik is Q4OS.


Thanks for assisting me
I tried Zorin OS Lite as a last hope for Zorin OS and somewhat worked
The strange black and white screen still shows on booting like in the 2nd pic. but other than that it has been working fine till now

I converted from Core to Lite using this command and chose Lightdm

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop

Or it can be downloaded from here


Looking on Nvidia website, there is a Linux driver listed that includes your NVIDIA GeForce G105M under "Supported Products"

I don't have Nvidia. I do not know what file format that download file comes in or whether you can install from that source or not.