My NVME SSD is gone after forced shutdown on Zorin OS Core

Hi, I'm writing this at 6 in the morning in my timezone, so I'm very tired and angry and I might sound as an idiot here. Also, I'm not a native english speaker, so pardon my mistakes here.

The situation is as follows: I was using Zorin OS Core for quite some time and, probably because of the bunch of apps that I leave open and forget to close, and it sometimes stops doing anything, looking like the OS crashed. When this happens, I wait for a moment and, if nothing moves for a while, I just force reset my laptop.

The problem is that, for SOME UNKNOWN REASON, after the last forced reset, the SSD in which Zorin is installed is just gone. It doesn't appear on GParted, no partitions from the SSD are shown with sudo fdisk -l and not even Windows (I had dual-boot with windows until this incident) is recognizing the SSD (though it didn't recognize before either, but I felt that I should mention it).

So, in this moment of great anger and despair, I ask what should I do to solve this problem. I have a lot of files and folders that I don't want to lose and even if I did want to format the Disk, I can't because the installer doesn't recognize the "lost" ssd, just the other disk with windows.

Laptop: Samsung Book NP550XDA-KH2BR.
Disks installed:
NVME SSD w/ 256GB (came with the laptop, it's where Zorin OS is installed);
SATA SSD w/ 1TB (bought later in AliExpress, currently it's storing Windows 11);

Thank you for reading this rant, and I need help.

In the past NVME SSD's had issues with Cascading Caches that wiped out everything, in particular, Samsung. I would first look at removing the NVME SSD and see if you can boot into Windows. Has the BIOS and SSD firmware been updayed? I know firmware updates can be a pain, as they usually have to be done via Windows in respect of SSDs. Easeus Software claims to be able to recover data from SSDs but specifically aimed at Windows and Mac.

I have done some searching and not found any specific solutions but similar symptoms (Because of a GNU/Linux member of local user group telling me of their experiences I prefer SATA SSDs over NVME ones).

All I could find was this:

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Thanks, I'll try to remove it later, because I don't have the tools with me at the moment.

About BIOS and SSD updates, I don't think that I did (atleast, not manually, maybe Windows already did it for me?), is there any place that I can find these updates and not get a malware in the process? I find it extremely hard to find these kinds of updates on the internet, so it would be nice to know for future reference.

All I could find for your notebook was this page:

[Tudo o que consegui encontrar para seu notebook foi esta pĂĄgina:]

Can see no reference to BIOS updates. We had some Samsung 530P Notebooks at the school where I worked and when the furore broke out about Intel's Meltdown, Samsung never offered a solution for the BIOS to counter the Meltdown issue so I am suspecting they might not do BIOS updates period! I will check the UK model and see what comes back there and post in this reply.

Nothing for the UK version either! When your notebook dies, please don't buy Samsung again if possible!

[NĂŁo vejo nenhuma referĂȘncia a atualizaçÔes do BIOS. TĂ­nhamos alguns notebooks Samsung 530P na escola em que eu trabalhava e, quando surgiu o furor sobre o Meltdown da Intel, a Samsung nunca ofereceu uma solução para o BIOS para combater o problema do Meltdown, entĂŁo estou suspeitando que eles podem nĂŁo fazer atualizaçÔes do BIOS! Vou verificar o modelo do Reino Unido e ver o que aparece e postar nesta resposta.

Nada para a versão do Reino Unido também! Quando seu notebook morrer, por favor, não compre Samsung novamente, se possível!]

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Yeah, I didn't want to either. I only bought this one because I was needing one for a long time (I was using a 32 bit laptop from 2014 until 2021) and the model I was planning to buy was out of stock. Thanks anyway for the help :grin::+1:.

I would have been much happier if I could have solved this for you, but Samsung let us both down.

Eu teria ficado muito mais feliz se pudesse ter resolvido isso para vocĂȘ, mas a Samsung nos decepcionou.

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