My opinion of zorin_OS

My opinion of zorin OS.
Zorin was the first linux distro I tried, so even if I install other distros, I usually come back to this one, and what makes me leave zorinOS? I'll put it in list form, I'll also mention what things I liked about Zorin.

- Battery duration
I won't comment too much on that, zorinOS is definitely missing a profile switcher (profile-power-daemon), it would be great if zorinOS 17 came with its own battery saver so to speak like pop!_os

- The gnome version
The truth is that this is a defect of mine that I have been developing over the months, the truth is that gnome 3.38 is not bad at all, but I loved gnome 40-42, especially for the screenshot function and at the time from choosing programs (Alt - Tab), extensions like alt tab mod don't work in gnome 3.38 and that's something that bothered me a lot.

- Support
For me it is easier to go to a discord server and write my problem, I don't know why it doesn't have something like that, but well this page isn't bad either, although here the people are the ones who decide if they want to help you or not so they have their good and bad points

But putting that aside, what brings me back to zorinOS?

- Personalization
Well, certainly compared to vanilla gnome (gnome 40+), the visual difference is that it has a windows panel (but much better) and that it already comes with a dynamic wallpaper in addition to programs like zorin ap.

- Quick start
Comparing it to other distributions, it's a bit faster on a HHD. I got to 1 minute 20-40 seconds.

  • Low ram consumption
    And here is the strong point, after "optimizing" zorinOS, it gave me like 630mb of ram, having an nvidia graphics!! Maybe this will go down to 600 having integrated graphics, but thanks to this point I decide to go back to zorinOS, the minimum that pop!_os has given me is about 760mb

- A good catalog of applications.
You don't need to delete things

I don't really think that is the case ..... it usually depends on if the people have the knowledge to help you or not ...... no one wants to give out wrong advice .... the mods or tech support are not paid to help anyone and as they also have a personal life to take care of ..... families ..... jobs ..... school etc. ..... and just because a board has paid mods doesn't mean they aren't able to choose whether to help you or not because I personally know about that especially if you are a newbie or not .... (not talking about this board)

There used to be a lot more people on the board with broad and different skills sets but it seems they have vanished .... one in particular who is a great asset to this board and appears to be MIA .... and another mod who has not been seen since Dec of last year ....


Oh yeah, I said it without thinking, you know? I have bad luck, because when I usually ask something (on a certain discord server), it seems that they ignore me (and it's a pretty big linux community), because if there is life and that (I'm delicate), but anyway, leaving that aside, do you know how to install power-profiles-daemon? or system76-power? Or do you not use a laptop? I've searched but can't find anything, all I saw is that a question asked if power-profiles-daemon could be installed on gnome 3.36

Sorry no idea on how to solve your problem .... yes I am on a laptop which right now has 2 other DE I installed totally messed up .... see we all have our own nightmares to contend with .... :grinning:

I agree that there are too many apps pre-installed in the Zorin OS. I would like to be allowed to choose the minimum configuration during installation.

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One of the first things I did was to delete a bunch of apps I would not use .... no real biggy .... if you think Gnome is bad wait till you add more DE's like Cinnamon and Xfce as they all have their own apps that are preinstalled .... I just ignore them .... but then fortunately I am not hampered for RAM or HD space .... but I can see that as a problem if I was ....

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