My PC cannot installing Billy products

If Linux was a living creature. It say, Billy don't use Windows 11, don't be a fool with your life. Billy come back and use Linux, and make me your wife. HAHA!

Stay away from Windows Bourne, that is my best advice.

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Billy not interesting people. He only interesting a money.
What i understand he want buying him toys because your pc is ok for linux but not for Billy. Talking about stalker your pc take a more virus and not safety. Corporation buying politics and media - for money they can do anything. Politics told you must vaccinace. Youtube channels told you this product is the best.
I mostly don't much see a true in "fake internet news" - besides my experience learning me good product don't be a expensive and if you don't tried anything else how you know if this best choice. I saw LinuxFX something windows 10 clone.

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Linux is everywhere. Windows only on windows PC

+1 I strongly advice to avoid Windows.

You ever wonder why ? because linux works out of the box, does not cost anything and microsoft want for everything money. What do you get back from them ? blue screens of death, updates that kills your wifi, slow systems, hungry eating updates that eats alot of space, slow systems and so on.

No more windows here...ever.

My PC stopped here.

I've really taken a liking to Tux the penguin over time, he always puts a smile on my face when I see him. And this time, I get to see him drink Windows from a juice box, I bet it don't taste very good though. If you drank Peppermint OS, it tastes like mint smoothie. Windows probably tastes like dirt. LOL

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With Linux what I remember the diffrents windows and Linux was like discovered linux and learning something.
With windows this is something like a window in a house and you see all time the same things every years.
my motherboard TMP is 1.0 HURRA

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