My positive experience with Zorin Core 16.1


I want to share my experience with Zorin OS Core 16.1.

All in all I'm very pleased with the experience.
I had no issues during the installation phase, everything went smooth.

Here are some things I needed to change after a clean installation:

Mouse cursor for some reason is too small for me, I found myself miss-clicking on links, so I had to install Tweaks and switch mouse cursor from Adwaita to Whiteglass. Please include the option to change the mouse cursor out of the box in next release.

Changing the mouse wheel step - for how much the scroll should move the content. Again, not something that comes out of the box, needs some fiddling around in the console with imwheel.

Changing background image for lock screen - not GUI supported.

As a former windows user, I still use some apps for work that need a Windows environment, for that I use a virtual machine of Windows 10. At first I tried Boxes but I was disappointed in the performance. So I went with VirtualBox and I must say I'm very happy how it works.

I consider myself a power user (at least coming from Windows) and when I used the built in file manager (Nautilus), something didn't feel right for me. So I switched to the Nemo file manager and voila, perfect!

I tried some games with Lutris and Steam (even though I'm on a laptop not meant for gaming). I was surprised how well the games run on it.

Everything else I must say it's a wonderful OS and all respect to the people that make this happen.

I am an old Windows user, since the days of DOS and always wanted to switch, but never felt that the OS is just right and where everything works out of the box. Zorin OS is the closest as it gets for me and my workflows.

It's my daily driver.


I too have to increase the mouse cursor size. Under Settings/Accessibility/Seeing you can change the cursor size.

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Thanks for the hint, didn't see that (how ironic).

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From thousand distributions Zorin is most longer distribution on my pc. I have two hard disk separate operating system. When I want going to Zorin and check if something change. Installing on bare metal.
Also must sayed the games stop freezing and going smoothly. Interesting.
If all games on Linux will going smoothly with not high performance graphic card that is awesome. Free linux, cheap graphic card to playing a games. Many free software without tracking. I am missing something or something working better?

Low fps could be freezing then better graphic card needed.

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