My (propossed) system flowchart

I used Libre Writer to make this crude flowchart of what I expect my 'system' to look like. Sorry its so klunky, but I'm not a wiz at using Libre Writer -

(ON/OFF switch)

[Lenovo laptop - (Windows 11) / Zorin OS ]

(programs / apps)

  • browser – Firefox (Brave??)

  • email – Thunderbird

  • password manager - ?

  • word processor (NOT Libre Writer)

  • Photo editor - ?

  • Music editor - ?

  • Media Player - ?

  • Zoom

  • Games – solitare/cards/Bejeweled/Mahjong


    [256 GB USB]

  • files/photos/music/bookmarks/emails
    (can become a ‘transfer partition’ by shutting OFF internet connection before mounting)


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You could try OnlyOffice or WPS office if you are looking for something similar to Office 365.

Photo editor = Gimp. It's similiar to photoshop.


I am going to have to do some browsing in the app store to check out all the options for programs that will work for me. I have no experience with editing music and have only used MS Media Player which worked good but flakes out (typical MS.). I used PhotoStudio - a free download that was not complicated - basically helped me crop, resize and do a little adjusting of colors/tones on old photos.

Thanks for your feedback.

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These are the ones I know:

Brave is available on Software Center if you don't want Firefox as predefined.

Seahorse (it's already installed).

Text Editor (it's already installed).

ImageMagick (it's already installed).

Rhythmbox for audio files and Pitivi and Videos both for audio and video files (all 3 are already installed).

It's available on Software Center.

You should have AisleRiot and Mahjongg, then you might want to look for others on Software Center or other sources.

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My recommendations for what they are worth.

Browser: Firefox ESR - the only version that can be locked down if need be.
[uncensored search engine I remove Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, eBay, Yahoo if present. If mojeek doesn't come back with what you are looking for it offers other search engines including Brave search engine.]

E-mail: Evolution. Thunderbird has become too Google centric. When working I could easily access Outlook 365 using Evolution and without any help from IT when in lockdown.

Password manager: I use one of these:

Text Processor: Prior to lockdown I purchased 5 machine licence of SoftMaker Office 2018 and later upgraded to SoftMaker Office 2021 - so much better than MS offerings. You can get the free version Free Office from here:

It is the most compatible with MS Office.

Still yet to try:

Photo Editor: You already get that with Zorin, GIMP.

Music Editor: Not clear what you want to achieve but Audacity 2.2, later versions scrape your data for copyright issues. ZynAddSub FX (
MuseScore 3 (Free music composition and notation software | MuseScore)

Media Player: Parole Media Player, SMPlayer, an old but good one Xine.

Zoom ... really? They lied on first launch that connections were encrypted. Once trust has gone you never get it back. Never used it. Use in a browser instead. You can enable encryption, but if you do you can't record the meeting say if using for a training tutorial. Use the Jitsi App for Android.

Games: Most of those come with the OS, apart from bejeweled, you would need to install that.

Turning off Internet is easily done:
The notification area of the taskbar, expand Wireless and select disconnect. If Ethernet connection, Expand Network/Wired and select disconnect.


So much great feedback Luca! Thanks for showing me how enriched Zorin already IS.

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As usual swarfendor, a very RICH feedback that will serve as excellent resource for me as I set up Zorin on my new laptop. Kudos and thanks!

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The sad reality is what hasn't become goggle centric?? And if something is goggle free, goggle targets 'it' to buy (with free inflating fiat funds). Such is the current world that we all trip thru :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Alphabet that owns Google have losses in Google share value, as has thankfully Microsoft. You could also look at Falkon which is a very good lightweight Browser, as is Midori.

Google cannot take over software that is Copy Left/licenced under GPL.

I have ditched 1+ the CEO of which is part of a consortium that wants us to eat insect burgers. I prefer fish or veg.
I use an ungoogled phone made from 100% recycled material and has a replaceable battery and all parts can be repaired by the user, even the screen.


can I give you more hearts Swarfendor437??? THANKS for good alternative browser suggestions :heart_eyes:.

"Google cannot take over software that is Copy Left/licenced under GPL."
I wouldn't hold my breath for the courts to back up that 'promise' - am anxiously awaiting Superior Court's review of current per se case that SHOULD 'boot' lying oath takers.

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