My Screen is rotated by 90° and i want to disable my Touchscreen

Hello, I just downloaded Zorin OS 16 Core. For my old Laptop. When testing it, I realized that my screen was rotated by 90°, but my touchpad input didn't rotate.
Please tell me how to fix that.

My second problem is that on my Main Computer the touchscreen broke, and now it's tapping at random places. I had to disable the Touchscreen driver to fix it (on Windows). How do I disable the touchscreen on Zorin OS?

Thanks for your help.

To disable the Auto Rotation of your screen, please follow this guide here;

Or you can remove the rotation sensor entirely on PC or Notebook as it is unnecessary to rotate those screens:

sudo apt-get remove iio-sensor-proxy

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Thank you. Unfortunately, I can't test this right now because rebooting deletes my changes. (I'm still trying out Zorin OS 16 Core) Once I installed the OS fully, I'm going to do that.