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My Screens/Monitors are not showing up

[I followed the online tutorial on Zorin website] i have 2 GPUs listed below when i installed Zorin the first time (the first option "Try or Install Zorin OS") the screens worked fine, but after the install finished Zorin would boot up but when the desktop was supposed to show up it give a black screen with nothing on just the main monitor and the rest weren't even receiving a signal so i turned off my pc and turned it back on and then my BOIS wouldnt boot so i had to reset the BOIS to try again, after trying it a few more times even leaving on overnight it gave me the same results.

SO the the 2nd install i used the "Try or Install Zorin OS (modern NVIDIA Drivers)" and well at OS install it showed all my screen as 1 big screen on my monitor (joined screens in display settings) and i thought its fine i will just change it later when i am done installing, so it installs and everything comes on it is still one big screen so i let Zorin update before i do anything and after that i checked the "Additional Drivers" (Image attached in link below) and the latest driver was selected and only 1 GPU (i am not sure if this is right and if not how to fix it) so i went to settings clicked on single displays and apply and "KEEP SETTINGS" if always reverts to "Joined Displays" so i googled it and they say i need to open Nvidia-Settings and enable my monitor there so i did that and Nvidia-Settings always said it cant save/apply the settings (look at screenshot linked below) so i googled this problem too and they say just open it with on terminal as SUDO and save Config file in Nvidia-Settings, so i did that, now my 2nd monitor is working now but it doesn't show up in Display settings (another link to this screenshot below) and i cant find the answer via google can anyone maybe help me out?

NVIDIA Corporation GK107 [GeForce GT 740] / NVIDIA Corporation GM107 [GeForce GTX 750 Ti]


I think I already see the problem, or at least a part of it, because of your excellent screenshots, you are positively stellar! :star2:

Your not just using the Nvidia driver, your using the Nvidia Proprietary/tested drive, not straight proprietary. You also have a GT 740 which is an old card, and doesn't need the latest driver.

I would like you to switch to the Using Nvidia Driver Metapackage From Nvidia-Driver-460 (Proprietary) please. Then once its fully installed, it will take awhile, please be patient! But once installed, please restart, and we will go from there.


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Thanks for the amazing reply i had a long day yesterday and this morning was busy, so i only got around to it now

so should we do next now that the driver is installed i tried to be exact to your request and i am not sure if i was supposed to get a different result but i do not have access to the rest of my monitors (as seen below)

thank you for your time and help

Click on the Zorin :zorin: logo bottom of screen, type Nvidia. Click on Nvidia Xserver Settings APP. Go to the config tab, setup your monitors here...

okay so here is what i did and what i have (i have 4 screens that i use it for work [i work on my own])

Unless there is something that I am missing, when it comes to your Nvidia settings, looks legit to me. And how lucky you are, that all your monitors are the same resolution!

lol it was working fine when i used the Zorin 16 beta and my 4th screen "XXX AAA" is a 8K TV screen i just lowered the resolution so i can see the settings and move the primary monitor

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I just made this post 5-days ago, maybe you or others will find it useful. I also posted an updated pic of my command center, using dual monitor with my MSI computer. The monitor 1080P, the TV 4K.


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