My secondary monitor won't work

There's nothing to say, but when I'm booting Zorin OS 16 Pro, the secondary monitor dosen't work but Windows 10 does. And there's no settings to show my secondary monitor. Anyone know to fix this?

Are you using dedicated graphics or AMD / Nvidia?

Are you logging in on Wayland?

I'm using NVIDIA driver and dosen't seems I'm loggin in on Wayland

Do you use Nvidia-prime?

sudo apt install nvidia-prime

Are you on On Demand mode?

Do you use the grub parameter nomodeset?

It's say I'm already downloaded nvidia-prime. And I don't know about Demand mode is, it dosen't open grub menu when I'm booting up Zorin. I'm installed fresh copy of Zorin OS directly on USB Hard Drive

Can you open Software & Updates, then go to the last tab Additional Drivers and relay which driver you are using - and which are available to you?

Also - are they the same monitor? VGA or HDMI or both? Are you on a Notebook with External Monitor? annnnd... What is the refresh rate?

There's 6 options to use NVIDIA drivers

Can you try selecting the third from the bottom- 460 driver - reboot and then open Displays from settings and click Detect Monitors?


Thanks. When system reboots, it's actually detected before Zorin boots up. Thank you for helping

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