My tabs inside web browser keep crashing freequently

i have installed browers like firefox and edge...and whenever i use some web apps like you tube or whatsapp crashes after using for sometime......this happens more frequent....(i am using dell latitude i5-2520M with 8GB of ram..OS - zorin 16.3 core)

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Hardware Acceleration status?

its enabled in the browser

You can try using these webpages with it disabled to see if they work. Also, you can open the browser console to check for some error logs, they can contain some more info about crashes rather than an unhelpful generic crash warning, like The page just crashed, this doesn't tell us anything. And personally I hate it. But on some browsers you can report such crashes so at least developers know it.

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will let you know after following your steps

This issue is showing when i followed your steps after the recent crash...
Also Disabling the hardware acceleration went in vain

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Sorry, I could have explained more accurately about showing error logs, often the console groups them in a single section so you read a common title for them all but since you can show them please click the arrow button to display us all errors, they are more accurate than the title itself. I also searched about error code 11 that I didn't notice the first times I read your post and I found this guide,
How to Fix Error Code 11 on Microsoft Edge Browser Version 94. Since it looks an updates issue, looks like you're using an outdated version. You should have the most recent version right to prevent browsers from annoying you with these error screens.

i have installed latest version of edge ...from its ofiicial website...not from snap , flatpack or i don't think it's a browser version issue...
Not only edge...i have tried firefox and chrome also..they also crash..:frowning:

here is the full insight for the error which picture i have shared


Since I read much about cookies on your error logs, maybe they are making webpages failing to load.

BAD COOKIEEEEEES :tired_face:!

Cookie Monster Eating GIF by Sesame Street

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whats the solution then :frowning:

Try clearing cache and cookies.

The webpages you are visiting may ultimately be responsible for using cross-site cookies. You may need to contact their admins to let them know that they are crashing browsers.

Please review the link I posted above.

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Another thing to try is remove any browser Add-Ons/Extensions. If that helps, you can always add them back one-by-one to test which one is causing the problem.

PS: How many browser tabs do you keep open? If large number, then could be a factor.

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already tried....:frowning: sometimes even single tab starts crashing :-/

thats the only ways :frowning: but firefox is not chromium based browser .then why it your link i all about chromium browsers

This is only because that is the site I grabbed discussing it.
It is informative, and I felt useful.

For Firefox:

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