My thoughts on zorin

I have opined a few times on zorin os, and there was a comment which made me open my eyes, "zorin is not for you", and he is absolutely right. I would say that most of the things that I have posted here is to share my problems with zorin and it upsets me a little as I would really like to go back but I can't so I came here so that you can suggest me something to solve my problems, the I'll put it in list form.

-Nvidia Hybrid: The last time I used zorin I had a problem with nvidia, I've never had problems with nvidia and it seems strange to me, I hope that the next time I install it something like that doesn't happen to me, I'll let you know anyway!

-Low battery life: I'm not exaggerating when I say that pop!_os has given me about 40% more battery life (1 hour and a half more battery life), although I think it's due to the use and the fact that I updated the kernel 5.19 and in zorin on 5.16. The only differences between zorinOS and pop!_os in terms of what influences the battery would be the kernel, the power manager, and the version of gnome.

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Interesting post here on battery life:

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I think I might have been the one who told you that :sweat_smile:

But really it's perfectly okay, there's not one product that will make everyone happy and there are a lot of variables that will make one's experiences different from everyone else's.

For me, I really liked Manjaro but run into one too many issues at some point so I decided to move on to something else. Yet it remains one of the most popular distributions from what I can tell.

After some years trying different distros in different machines, I've noticed that there are differences in running some programs* depending on the hardware.

*Using an umbrella term here to describe everything from simple programs, to games, to peripherals, to operating systems...

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