My thouhgts on Zorin os 15

Time to share my recent technology experiences. Compared to NON IT work and just for a general home computer application. I have to say I'm loving my transition to zorin OS. Zorin OS is a debian based distribution of linux. Very similar to windows OS. Very customizable. Snappy and smooth. Has a windows feel if that's what you want :wink:. Now i have used this same distro in the classroom for IT work, i can say its nice. But windows is just an all around better feel for IT work. So simply, if you've been thinking of ditching windows. Do it! you will not regret it.
Some advantages are that its open source (means its free) with also a paid version that comes with some cool preinstalled apps. But really you only need the free version. Battrey life is amazing. Low power, uses far less ram and cpu power than windows home! comes preinstalled with Libre Office (its like word and power point but free!), Extremely Customizable, contentious support, and much more!
Zorin os is really the best i've seen. I have yet to have any issues. Works like a dream. I recommend it anyone and everyone. By far the lite version is my got to. I always got a drive laying around somewhere with zorin 15 lite!


Glad you are liking Zorin OS, and that its working for you, in everything that you need to do.

You better get another drive ready to go, cause guess what? Zorin OS 16 is in BETA right now, and it will probably go in full release this May. And from what I've already heard about OS16, it sounds like its even better then OS15.

Personally, I wouldn't trust Windows 10 with a 10-foot pole, anywhere near a companies network and data, there is a reason why our local government uses Linux on its computer systems, and guess what, so does ISS up there in orbit.

Yes, I know, Linux isn't perfect, but at least open source software like Linux for example, does give you choice. Microsoft is all about choosing your life decisions for you. So as much as I do understand your statement, I will still have to disagree.

If I was in the IT department of company, I wouldn't let Windows 10 in the building. If I had my way, every single terminal would be running client side Linux with strong security measures in place, the whole network would run off of Linux servers, which I wouldn't allow them access to the internet to prevent hacking.