My WIFI isn't working

Hi! I just recently installed Zorin OS on my Acer Aspire 4752. It had a Qualcomm Atheros AR5B97 Wifi Card. The OS detects it but iI cannot turn on WIFI. I tried everything to make it work. I'm quite new to Linux.

Any solution?

Hello shukur,

It was exactly the same card and the symptom I had with our old Acer Aspire several years ago.

I was not very familiar with Linux at that time and finally solved the problem by opening the laptop and swapped the original Pci-e card with Linux compatible Mediatek card... kind of a brute-force solution :wink:

But I think you can also install blob driver for this card.
Temporary use LAN cable or Linux compatible USB dongle and check for the "Additional Driver" in applications. You should be able to see this WiFi chipset and enable an additional driver for it.