My Zorin don't want to work

Hi I'm kinda new on Linux and forum so I apologize if I'm doing the things wrongs

So recently I got a problem with my Zorin (I'm on a dual boot with windows on a Acer laptop), I try to start it normally it show me a problem (which if I understood correctly is not important) then it does this logo animation and reshow me the problem without any further and without showing an error

Does anyone have an idea or already gates a similar problem?

That error message itself should not normally prevent boot.
In your BIOS Settings, is Secure Boot enabled or disabled?

Secure boot is disabled fr I spent the whole night at trying things, I just think it doesn't want to work, I should probably reinstall the system but can I do it without losing my personal data ?

Yes, if you can connect the drive to another computer OR boot using LiveUSB of Zorin OS to access your drive and files.

If booting LiveUSB, I highly recommend you run a fdisk check (sudo fdisk -l) or a S.M.A.R.T. check on your hard drive. A failing Drive is one of the known causes that can lead to getting that error along with inability to boot.

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Thanks for you answer I will try later in the journey and I will come back if it work

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