My Zorin OS 16 beta core have errors when its starting

Hello guys when I start my Zorin OS 16 beta core I see this errors and when it's load up I can't move cursor or use any thing

can some one help me fix it? I don't want to leave beta version just tell me how to fix it!

Unless you are specifically using SSSD sockets, then it is not necessary to keep it. If they have dependency errors, it suggests you are not using SSSD. You can remove with

sudo apt remove --purge sssd

And that should resolve the errors.

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I was going to post this link but you beat me :wink:

I run journalctl -b to check my log but I did not see anything related SSSD. Does it install automatically for certain setups?

I do not have SSSD installed on my copy of Zorin 16 beta, either. Not sure how the O.P. got it... The only Ubuntu package I can think of off the top of my head might be Samba.

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