My Zorin OS just froze... Stability issues


lately Im getting stability issues with my Zorin Core OS 16.1 on the ThinkPad P51. After locking the Screen yesterday with WIN+L keys and today trying to use my PC again it just froze, into the login screen, like so:

I thougt and hoped this would never happen to Linux...

Moreover, somethimes my keyboard input freezes for some 10 to 20 seconds....

And another thing: Out of nowhere, suddenly the status bar appeared on top, as supposed to be on the bottom. It had the date in the center, on the right power and wifi options, on the left app menu opener, but nowhere the standard app symbols, like file explorer firefox... After a restart it has gone away.

Please dont destroy linux... Nevertheless, thankyou!!

Bugs... are a part of computing. So far, I have not yet seen a perfect operating system, even if some of the simpler ones were quite rugged.

What you describe sounds like more than one issue. GDM, certainly. And libinput.
In your other thread, this looks like apparmor is involved.

In the meantime, some crash logs may be helpful. However, given the multitude of issues you are experiencing, it seems very likely that you have a corrupted install.
I recommend wiping the drive and Reinstalling Zorin OS.
It may be wise to run a S.M.A.R.T. test on the drive and check for any bad sectors.
And using a different USB stick than you did originally may also help eliminate that as a possible source of corruption.

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... and when you downloaded the iso you didn't use a Download Accelerator Manager and after downloading you didn't check the SHA256 or md5sum to check the download was not corrupted.

I will try to reinstall with another USB Stick, already ordered it. Thankyou.

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