My Zorin Pro Linux PC with ASROCK H670M Pro RS Micro ATX

I wanted to post this configuration as it may help someone new to Linux looking for ideas about components for a Linux box. The below system is working very, very well for my home use / internet needs. I am relying on the onboard Intel Graphics and have not been disappointed yet. I am pretty sure it will not support the frame intensive games but that is something I do not need anyway.

This was my first microATX build so I learned a few things from it. The case does not have USB-C but that is not so much a problem with adapters available. The one issue is the motherboard left most PCI slot height prevents a side fan going in. This is a case issue and not motherboard issue. A part of the issue is the USB cables next to the slot are for straight and not 90 degree angle. That straight end keeps the fan from going in. Not a biggie as the unit runs pretty cool with the i7-12700 cpu and Noctura cpu fan along with the front Noctura fan.

Zorin Pro installed the first time with out any issues other than Pro did not see my Logitec wireless Unity mouse. I had a wired keyboard so that was OK. Somewhere after the second or third update Pro did see the wireless mouse. No biggie but it is a Zorin issue and not a motherboard issue.

I hope this helps someone on a quest for components. If this is in the wrong place, mods are welcome to move it. :grinning:

My Zorin Linux Box:

  • Intel Core i7 12th Generation i7-12700 for the cpu
  • Noctua NH-L9i-17xx Low Profile for the CPU cooler
  • ASROCK H670M Pro RS Micro ATX for the mother board
  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD M.2 NVMe SSD boot drive
  • G-Skill Flare X Series F4-3200C14D-16GFX for memory
  • Silverstone Milo 11 Micro ATX for the case
  • Silverstone 300 watt TFX for the PSU
  • Noctua NF-A8 PWM 80mm fan for case cooling
  • Intel SSD DC S3500 80gig for 6 GB/s SATA storage
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Are you have graphic card only on processor?
If you plug out a cable from a socket 220v you bios is reset or stable?
I asking because i have also asrock motherboard but another model and have a issue with audio and gpu.
Don't you have any problems?

The Intel i7-12000K has the integrated UHD 770 graphic and is a pretty darn good onboard graphic processor. In the U.S. we use 120 volt ac @60 hz for house hold electricty. If you are experiencing resets or loss of BIOS then there may be an issue with the power supply output voltage/current, the power supply connectors or the motherboard is faulty.

Another way to look at your board problem is that on power loss the BIOS is losing its information. A vacant BIOS would likely affect the GPU card and audio card. I would probably ask Asrock to replace the board if still under warranty. You could also check the output voltage on the power supply leads if you have a digital volt-ohm meter.

My Asrock board was released first of this year and so far has been rock solid.

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"Another way to look at the board problem is if the BIOS loses its information when power is lost".
I mean if unplugged a cable from a electrical outlet. The bios exist if still is connected to voltage socket.
So propably motherboard when is not working properly then i can have issue with audio and gpu.
But i tested with 5 days and Zorin when plugged directly and working correctly.
For me i understandble is bios.
The motherboard AsRock is
processor is intel i5 10gen 10400F i don't know if this processor have a integrated gpu but when i connected to motherboard hdmi i don't have any screen also on live usb I mean without external gpu graphic on pci express slot. I know also the motherboard when start i hearing beep 5 times when start or when i unplug hdmi a cable from a gpu graphic card when is mount in pci express. The gpu is recognized hdmi out signal but no recognized a display port. ( i mean tested with two diffrent gpu with port out hdmi and display port. So hdmi is recognized but after reset bios also display port gpu is recognized). I cannot all time reset bios.

The "F" suffix on Intel processors indicate there is no integrated graphics, so you would need to use a GPU card.

Intel Processor Suffixes

Your Processor

I would guess your board is faulty however, if you have another graphic card to try I would do that. It is a slight possibility the GPU is causing a fault. Is the board still under warranty?

EDIT:: take a look at your motherboard slot for PCIE2. In front of it and to one side there is a suitcase jumper that is used for clearing the CMOS. There should be no jumper on those two pins.

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Propably yes but sending back motherboard will be more expensive what buying new. I have some emergency pc but thanks for help.
The problem with 5 beep shortly sound it could be everything.
If motherboard could be damaged then propably not started correctly.
Difficult to diagnose really what it could be.
Thank you for explaining about my processor he don't have integrated gpu.
One time i have issue with motherboard a msi and send back to service and they sayed i damaged motherboard the problem is they must send service to the fabric manufactured and that cost a post - that why sometimes service sayed this cannot be repaired.

Yes, the only time I send back a motherboard is if it fails straight out of the box. Then I return immediately. If it fails a few months later then I usually just buy another board. Shipping back the board and putting up with the aggravation makes buying a new board much simpler in the long run.

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Yeah propably but some countries this is complicated.

It used to be that motherboards had a tiny battery which maintained the BIOS settings when the power was off... not sure if they've moved to a setup where the BIOS settings are in NVRAM or similar.

You might check to see if you can find a small battery somewhere on the motherboard, and if you do, replace it.

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