Mystique - A new icon theme for Zorin OS

Mystique - A new icon theme for Zorin OS is in the works. It's an offspring of Royal Z icon theme. This time it's not completely flat, but have shadows and the like.


Wow... I love this one...

Waiting in anticipation...

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The mime type icons are going to have a little more shadows than the rest - which in my opinion helps to find the files in a directory compare to the folders. Thoughts?

Question ..... I know that the Zorin colored icons will work on Cinnamon will these work on Cinnamon also ???.... I'm all the time trying to collect new icon sets as I mix and match different icons and pointers to different themes ....

It should. May be if Cinnamon have some special icons for specific stuff - Those might be missing.

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Thank you sir .... I'll download and see how they work later today and post back here the results .... oooops .. I see it isn't ready yet .... when it is I will try it ...

I've been working all day to complete mime type files.

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A demo video of the icons in action.

Version 0.1 is out. It covers the most basics icons in Gnome/Zorin 16 core.

Please requests which icons I should put in next, don't be shy I don't bite :wink:

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An Ocean version will be available next week.


More Mystique - Blue Ocean Icon theme.


Snagged the Mystique version 1. That was not a long wait at all.
I cannot give it a rating, otherwise I'd give it a ten.


Darn... need some sleep, just a couple of hours. I've been up almost 48 hours just to work on the icon themes.

Almost completed the green variant mime type icons.


This would make @FrenchPress proud. It's her favorite color.


Teaser for the 3 icon set. Will be released next Friday.

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كيف يتم نقل الايقونات الى سطح المكتب لانى تعبت من كثر المحاوله

Translation: How do you move the icons to the desktop?

Its my favorite color too! :heart_eyes:

I have more or less halted this project... for now.

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