Mystique Theme Suite --> RELEASED <--


Mystique Theme Suite for Zorin 16 Pro/Core/Light.
Theme Suite for Gnome, XFCE and Budgie DE. This is a spinoff of my previous icon set Royal Z which are based on Papirus. It's highly recommendable to use Plank with this theme.





That looks really good Storm ..... looking forward to seeing more .... :+1:

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The icons are awesome


Everything is done, except for the Apps selection which I'm at the letter G. The number of apps this icon theme going to support will be great. So stay tuned.

I've been editing the Zorin GTK and Gnome-shell theme (Black version) so it fits the icon theme. Changed the bright white color with a toned down white, made the Windows a bit transparent and changed the black color with a less black color. Logo added to the nautilus window. Made the upper panel float.


I'm moving forward as I'm at the letter O now in the icon theme. Both Pro/lite and core are supported plus a lot of other apps that aren't default.


Almost done. The only thing I'm missing is all the steam games icons (converting from my existing icon sets).

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Love this icon set and can't wait until I can try it .... presently using your gems-emerald set with my Cinnamox-Willow-Grove theme .... love the fact that my highlighting feature is a florescent lite green and makes words and such really stand out .... see photo below .....

Maybe it's a Frog thing as it matches the avatar that French Press gave me .... :+1: :grinning:

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I have released the Icon theme. See OP.

For those who are interested in GTK/Gnome-Shell and Plank theme, see my Github page. Will upload them to Pling later.

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GTK/Gnome-shell and Plank have been added to Pling.

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Looking good Mr Storm .... are you planning on adding any color to the folders like maybe a green theme ..... if so I'm putting my order in early .... :stuck_out_tongue: :grinning:

Your new icon set using my Cinnamox-Willow-Grove theme ..... and then my using your old Gems Emerald icon set .... actually I am very happy with the Gems set but then you can never have to many icon or theme sets ..... :thinking: :rofl:

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I had in mind pastel colors.

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Not bad ..... that will probably work .....

I'm not sure, what ya think?

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To me it looks OK but the only way for sure is to try it with my theme .... in the example above where you have some white and them the pastel green the green to me looks a lot better .... but again that is just me .... someone else may think I'm nuts .... or at least color blind .... :grinning:

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Mystique - inverted

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Version 1.1 is out!!!

GTK/Gnome Shell

Fixed the colors of Gnome-Shell

Icon theme

Games: (Steam) Don't Starve, (Steam) Don't Starve Together,
Games: (Steam) Frostpunk 1+2, (Steam) Total War: WARHAMMER 1+2+3,
Games: (Steam) Master of Orion 1+2+3+4, (Steam) Hollow Knight,


They working on Gnome not on XFCE?

Should work on XFCE as well.