NAS Synology

It is possible copy installation hard disk to linux put that in vm and using with some vnc or something from linux desktop?

Yes, it is. You can create a bootable .iso of your current build. Once created, you can boot that in a VM.
Many recommend CloneZilla or RescueZilla.
My only beef with the above is that it requires a drive with a lot of space...

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I put ssd in NAS Synology and installed this operating system.
Then I out this hard disk.
Here is some guide but this is very complicated.

I would like some gui installation to not lost any data or safety clone disk.
I know with my lucky is chance to no lucky and used a wrong hard disk what i cannot trust myself i choice correct option.
I have some original Acronis propably is more simple.

Searching something how create that in NAS.

Ok I found solutions. I found also docker with operating system CasaOS. Very nice.

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