Native host connector is not detected

i can't able to see my installed extensions from brave browser

how to fix this ?

i have tried
sudo apt-get install chrome-gnome-shell

Have you followed; How can I add extensions to Brave? – Brave Help Center

yes , i followed ,
extension is installed but can't able to connect
it says :
Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected. Refer documentation for instructions about installing connector.
also i can't able to find extension option in softwere store

today i shifted from firefox to brave and i removed firefox
but now i can able to add extensions

Also did you install the gnome extension app that handle gnome extension on Zorin OS?

sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-prefs

gnome extension was working fine with firefox
also i have installed some extensions from it ..,
but in brave its not working,

i ran ur given command

Did you install Brave via App store as a snap package? If so uninstall it and try brave from their site; Installing Brave on Linux | Brave Browser

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