Nature Icon theme for KDE/Plasma



This is my first attempt to make an icon theme for KDE as I usually make for GTK based DE's. But I have moved to KDE on all my computers, so I need some icon themes that I like and what way to do it, is to build them yourself. ! :slight_smile:

Nature icon theme is still early in stage, so don't hesitate to report bugs or come with suggestions and requests, so I can evolve Nature Icon theme to the fullest. I'll add more colors to choose from, but I start with red color.


The icon set can be downloaded freely at:


Next update will be on next Monday and it will contain:

  • emblems icons (completed)
  • mimetype (file type) icons (around 500)
  • 7 colors


Version 1.0 has been released!

  • NEW: 6 new colors
  • NEW: Added mimetype (files) icons
  • NEW: Added emblems icons
  • NEW: Added Category icons
  • Added: Brave Browser, Thunderbird, Vivaldi,
  • Added: Visual Studio Code, Nheko, OBS, Arduino,
  • Games: (Steam) V Rising,

Version 1.1 is out via my github page. Mostly user request icons.

  • Added: Slack, Postman, Ferdi, JetBrain Suite,
  • Fixed kwrite icon