Nautilus: can't "right-click > create link" of .bashrc

I use the right-click > create link feature of Nautilus a lot.
But this option is not available when I right-click my .bashrc file?

How can I create a link of my .bashrc file?

I was searching Google on how to do this the command line way, but it confused me more.
Does the right-click > create link feature of Nautilus create a hard, soft or symbolic link?

Symlink, which you can create with the "ln -s" command.

ln -s name-original.file name-linked.file

Dunno why you would want to create a symlink of your bash resource file, though...

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I want to back it up to my synced folder, so I'll have it with me on my next Linux install.
Is that not a good idea?

It is a good idea, but not by this method. Symlinks do not backup very well. The way to do that would be to regularly create backups of the existing file. A symlink will likely end up either blank or broken.

You are right, the sym linked file are not on my nas, although the rest of the folder are there :roll_eyes:.
Is there another way to automatically sync/copy files to another location?

Deja Dup back ups can be automated. I believe it comes with all versions of Zorin OS.
You can also pick and choose which directories to save in the back ups - this reduces bloat on things that you do not necessarily want backed up like ~/.cache.

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Deja Dup seems to only work with whole directories.
I'll just do it manually for now.