Nautilus File Transfer Progress Cut Off


I would like to ask for guidance or help with figuring out how to display the full progress of the file transfer process. Currently, as seen in the screenshot, the progress/status of my file transfer is truncated so that I cannot view certain details of the file transfer.

There is no resize option.
Resizing the Nautilus window does not resize the applet/dialogue box by extension.


How do I enable myself to see the file transfer speed and/or other data that the OS wants to show me, but cannot?

Thank you.

EDIT: I would prefer to not download an extension or other third-party application. Currently using the system-monitor extension to place some of this info on my taskbar in the usual app-indicator style.

Similar to Firefox downloads, what happens if you click on the bar or file name... this usually opens a transfer page on the browser (nautilus is a file browser).

Thanks for your reply.

EDIT: there's no separately opening window or screen to open of which I am aware to monitor our file operations.

The bar is non-interactive. Really, the whole thing is non-interactive unless there's a chance to click the :x: to cancel the operation. Similarly, at the end of the operation, a small :heavy_check_mark: is present, but I am unsure if this was ever intended to be interactive - as there would be no point to have that part be interactive.

Speaking of which, it would be nice to clear that checked, completed entry - perhaps it would make sense for that check to be interactive for such a purpose. Currently, there's no way to get rid of completed operations in those small windows unless the user quits Nautiluz.
Only reason I mention this is because those completed file operations can take up quite a bit of space in one session with many completed operations. It would be nice to be able to pick and choose which operations a user keeps in that little box during a single session without being required to scroll or resize their windows until they find the particular status for which they're searching.

In Nemo it does open to a page showing the processes a little more human readable. I changed out my file browser shortly after installing zorin 16, so forgot nautilus capabilities.

In Nautilus there should be a small circular progress icon (top right) showing. If you have 2 windows open and have dragged a file to move it, both windows should show that progress icon.
The icon looks like the Firefox download progess circular indicator showing progess like a dynamic pie chart.

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