Nautilus + Google Drive = very slow

I've been trying to find a better way to deal with Google Drive instead of praying to the Google overlords to just give us an actual Drive client for Linux already. Nautilus has the built in integration through Gnome Connected Accounts, but every time I open that mount in Nautilus, it seems like it pulls down the whole Drive at once, no local caching no nothing, not even during the same login session. As a result, it takes a pretty good amount of time to load the contents of the Drive (I'm not even using 3GB of total storage yet). So long that it's faster to just go to the web if I want to browse the contents. Is Nautilus' connection just slow and I need to just start using rclone or am I missing something?

Why not switch to something that actually works with Linux instead of struggling with half-supported Google drive?
I switched to Mega from Goggle Drive, the only regret I have is why I havn't done it ages ago.

I haven't thought of switching because this isn't my only device. I use Drive on a ChromeOS tablet, Windows machine at work, Android phone, and my wife's Macbook from time to time. The integration on ChromeOS and Android is so tight I can't imagine another client would be able to compete there. So really it's half too lazy to see if I could make it work, and half not ready to make a complete break from Google.

Okay. I can't give you a solution to your problem, because I never got nautilus and google drive to work. Instead I used the webbrowser at google drive page to upload and download.

But check Mega out anyway.

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I'm glad you mentioned Mega. After looking real quick, the 50GB of freemium storage is actually pretty tempting...

It comes with .deb package for easy installation and there's a lot of options to adjust for your needs.