Need better WIFI connection

Hello I installed zorin in April and I noticed before I switched I could watch a YouTube video in 720p with out it buffering but now I can't watch a YouTube video for 1 second even when it is connected to wired. YouTube is the only place with this problem although to watch Disney plus or Netflix I have to be connected to eithernet witch means I also can't play online on my PS4 is there any free solution to fix this problem? my laptop is the only devices with this problem

Laptop Specs

HP 15db0015dx
AMD A6 w/ AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
4gb of ram
250 gb SSD

I was looking at an MX-Linux video about underpowered wifi - the answer - SMTube:

It might be in Software too!

Another option might be to install Flash Peak Slimjet browser:

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