Need compressed Zorin OS Lite 17.1 iso

Good morning everyone
I need a compressed Zorin OS Lite 17.1 iso (-r2 if possible will be good).
If anyone can send it then it will be helpful for me.
After compression size must be around 500mb if possible.
Thanks in Advance

Having done some research I think that is a bit of a tall order. From what I have garnered, files contained in an .iso are already compressed. Compressing these further is likely to corrupt the files. It is a pity that Zorin don't offer a minimal net install. Never quite sure how these work but I suspect that once you run it, it connects to a mirror where the .iso lives so that it can be installed that way. Forum members with greater knowledge than me, please do chip in with your knowledge.


I agree.

Iso files are very compressed itself, to further compress it I hardly believe it possible. I don't think you can squeeze more into it.


That is going to be pretty much impossible. Are you limited to download size? Can you use torrent to get chunks and pause as needed?

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I have no problem if it is mot possible. Just thought if it was possible because the same has been done for Windows ISOs.
I actually had to flash the iso using my Android TV because I had nothing else and did not want to spend on an OTG cable. :grin:
Also I cannot use internet whilr installation.
I am thinking to use my friend's laptop to flash an iso after summer vacations end.

Also one thing.. To my fellow friends out there, do not try Linux commands before you search about them. :grin:

Thank you everyone


Excellent suggestion. Try, but verify :smiley: