Need GLIBCXX_3.4.29 in ZorinOS 16.3

I have installed LMStudio and downloaded an LLM (Mistral). LMStudio fails to load the LLM giving an error msg that GLIBCXX_3.4.29 is not found. If I install this version will I cause problems with the OS? It is an older version (apparently 4:9.3.0-1ubuntu2) than that which came with ZorinOS.

Yes, you should avoid installing with a conflicting dependency. You might try using the appimage for LMStudio, instead:

I am using the appimage. That is how LMStudio is provided for Linux. I will install everything in a virtual machine to avoid the conflict with the OS. Hmmm ... I use ZorinOS in all of my vm's. I'll have to find a different OS for which there is no conflict. i really, really want to have access to this unrestricted massive LLM. I have been blocked or, at best, given limited info on much of my research in many areas ... nothing illegal! For example, when I want to understand a medicine that has been prescribed for me by one of my doctors, ChatGPT gives me very limited info and, instead, insists that I consult with a doctor. As a retiree, I have massive amounts of time to do research into many, many different areas.

That is very odd...
The appimage is declaring an unmet dependency. I certainly believe you, but appimages are supposed to be self contained.

I believe the confusion is around the LLM. LMStudio is running. It is only when I try to load an LLM that I get the unmet dependency error. I do not know the structure of LLM's. They may have executable code in them that has the unmet dependency.

I have been trying to run LMStudio in the form of an appimage in a Docker container with Ubuntu 22.04 which has GLIBCXX_3.4.29 which is needed by LMStudio. My version of ZorinOS is 16.3 Pro which has a zillion versions of this library which ends with version 3.4.28. I have been advised that adding version 3.4.29 might cause a problem for ZorinOS 16.3. I am having a blizzard of errors and problems taking almost 2 days so far of trying this and that forever without success. I wonder if ZorinOS 17 has GLIBXX_3.4.29? Then I would not need to use Docker.

I wonder if ZorinOS 17 has GLIBXX_3.4.29? Then I would not need to use Docker.

Success! I now have Minstral running using LM Studio. I can chat with the ai. Upgrading to Zorin OS 17 fixed the issue with the version of GLIBCXX. It isn't super fast, but still very usable. I may upgrade my GPU to speed things up since I intend to install a bigger LLM.

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