Need Good Audio Equalizer/Driver

It's being 2 months i have being using zorin i liked it very much. I like to listen high bass music while working the only thing i'm missing especially on wired headset the music quality very poor as compared to my previous windows exp. I'm Asus Tuf Fx504 its support DTS audio while i was on Windows 10.

Please implement those feature :smile:

Please tell us which version and flavour of ZorinOS you have. e.g. Z16 Core or Pro, Z15.3 Lite etc.

Zorin OS Core

I wonderind if in Zorin you can install some pack codecs for movie and audio when you can control bass, treble etc.

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Try sudo apt install pulseeffects

I use Pulse Effects for software based EQ

i don't have this eq. Maybe i need some guide simple.

Can be installed from the Software Store. Can by found by hitting the SUPER key, or clicking the :zorin: logo and typing pulse. You will see pulse effects, click on it.

Then as you can already see in my screenshot. Click on Equalizer, adjust the frequency sliders as need. You can turn on/off the equalizer, by putting a checkmark or removing checkmark, next to equalizer in the left side list.

ok. I will check.