Need help before I mess up?

Trying to install this game "Unknown horizons" looking at the screenshots, how do I now install it? remember I am new to Zorin/Linux, thank you. :thinking:

Did you download the godot port? It carries a disclaimer:

No playable version available right now. Please check later!


Older FIFE version:

You can see the comment, there...

Moving along to Build Instructions (Be aware, given the above comments... I am not sure if this will work on 20.04 or Z 16...)

It lists these needed dependencies:

sudo apt install -y build-essential libalsa-ocaml-dev libsdl2-dev libboost-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev libsdl2-image-dev libvorbis-dev libalut-dev python2.7 python3 python3-dev libboost-regex-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-test-dev swig zlib1g-dev libopenal-dev git python3-yaml libxcursor1 libxcursor-dev cmake cmake-data libtinyxml-dev libpng-dev libglew-dev

If these instructions throw you for a loop or you run into trouble, please ask.

They also have a Forum that may be able to help:

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Ok thank you, going to delete it do not want to mess with things I now understand a tiny bit more, shall stick with "Steams proton" cheers.

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I had no idea this is on Steam...

I think your biggest danger is that the installed app would not launch or work... But if a Steam version works and is available... that may be easier.

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Steam? no I don't think it is, I meant I'm happy sticking to steam, thanks for your time. :grinning:

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Ah, I see.

In this case, when you feel up to it, we can try installing it. I may try installing it first to test it and familiarize myself with the whole thing.
A lot of life (not just Linux) is not just in learning how to do something; but learning the confidence to believe in yourself to do it.
The biggest inhibitor to learning or getting things done is not a lack of ability, but a lack of confidence.


Thanks for the offer tried it on a friends machine, not impressed so am not going to pursue it cheers.

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