Need help deleting one of two installations of Zorin

I have a laptop with Windows 10, and two installs of Zorin 16 os. I would like to delete (or uninstall) the last install of Zorin, and reclaim the HD space, without rendering my laptop unbootable. I want it back the way it was before the second Zorin install. Step by step instructions would be appreciated. I am new to Linux, and never been in a forum before.

You can do this with Gparted using the Zorin LiveUSB.

Boot up in the installation Medium LiveUSB.
You cannot alter a mounted partition.

Launch Gparted from the app menu.
Select the partition that holds the Zorin OS instance you want removed.
Click the (-) delete button to remove that partition.
Click the Apply Button.
Now right click the Zorin OS partition you wish to keep and select "move/Resize".
Use the slider to expand the partition into the free space you just created.
NOTE: Partitions must be adjacent to eachother or touching otherother in order to expand into each other.
Once complete Do Not Reboot (and pray for clear weather); you must reinstall grub.
Open a terminal and run

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install -y boot-repair



Maybe a learn moment for me now, but why using Gparted live and not from within the OS ?

Because you cannot repair the car while it is running.
You can only change partition externally, not within the running system.


Yes i understand that part. But he/she has 2 zorin installs and he/she wants to delete the last one. So if he/she boot in the first one then the second one is not running right ?

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Ah, OK.
If that is the case, he can do that safely from other Zorin installation.

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Agreed, but I believe it is better to not stand on the object that you are moving. You can (and I have) done it that way. But if you have never done it before, it is best to approach the least risky method possible.
You may wish to do other things to other partitions while you are at it - stuff you have been needing or wanting to do, but have been putting off.
So, now, you have access to modifying any or all partitions with all unmounted.

Lastly, I do not know for sure that the O.P. has both partitions adjacent to each other (as noted in my reply above). If they are not,t hey will need to do both and then, they would have to boot from LiveUSB to access both. So it is better to start out that way.

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Marked solution. 69

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