Need help for flatpak app

Hi everyone,

I am new to Linux and learning. Recently I installed "Eclipse" IDE for Java from the Software Store (Flatpak version). I need an add-on/software "PlantUML" which requires "Graphviz".

Now the problem is that Graphviz is not available in FlatPak so I installed it via "sudo apt-get install ...." So Eclipse and PlantUML can't find it.

TLDR: I am running a software installed through flatpak and it requires a software which is not available in flatpak to I installed it bia APT. As flatpak runs on sandbox it can not find the software. Which should I do in this case?

Also how to use -option in termial while lunching flatpak apps?

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Uninstall flatpak and get a .deb. As you said it runs in sandbox which are the troubling. We have seen lots of struggles with apps that runs in sandbox either flatpak or snap.