Need help installing hypaland on Zorin OS 17.1

Has anyone trie to install Hypaland on Zorin os? . I know this is a sounds like a useless queston...I only tried it after i saw a youtube video of a person installing hypaland on ubuntu, so i thought since Zorin is based on ubuntu I might win but wlelllllllll no

Maybe this will help?

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Gday @Artie , Welcome to the community!

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Hi... I have tried that that too and still nothing worked ........I Have been trying all night

Thank you

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@Artie ,
When you say you wish to put "Hypaland" on Zorin OS,
Do you mean you wish to Dual-boot or have Hypaland on a VM (Virtual Machine)?

If you are mistaken & mean Wayland, please confirm & let us know a little more, & some of the thing's you have tried.

I mean like install hypaland on zorin

I assume you mean Hyprland? a tiling program.

If so please Note: under the Ubuntu info it states.
"Please note that since Ubuntu is generally behind with dependencies, it’s not guaranteed that the build process will work at all. Even if it is, it’s likely that it will break at some point in the future."

Hope this may help.

As it seem's "Unmaintained" , try looking in the "Software App Store", i found what looks like a tiler,
Search for "miracle-wm" seems close.

Note: This is "Wayland" based.
Hope this helps.