Need help to advice on how to change output audio bitrate

Hi, I understand Windows OS we can change the audio sample rate and bit depth graphical interface for adjusting. Unfortunately, Linux distributions like Zorin OS handle this through command. Hence, I would appreciate if you could guide me step by step how to do it. Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
A websearch using "change audio output bitrate ubuntu 22.04" found this amongst other hits:

Hi, thank you so much for your reply.
Unfortunately, after edit the said file. I cannot save it due to don't have root password.

Root password:

I tried already and its not working.

I am guessing you mean "not working" refers to root password. If not, please be more descriptive.
You can use this command to elevate to root:

sudo -i

Hi, still not working. I use command to change root password and when try to login keep saying "Sorry, password authentication didn't work. Please try again". Although, i just successfully change root password with command.

which command?

If you mean sudo -i , that command just elevates your existing login to root. It does not change your password.

After try sudo -i, I still don't have permission to safe and overwrites /etc/pulse/daemon.conf after change the sample rate and audio bit depth.
Then, I use command sudo passwd root to change root password, but still not able to login to root account.
I deeply appreciate you keep reply to my msg and adv what to do. Thank you.