Need help with Software Store

Hello everyone,

I was trying to install "Windows App Support" from the Software Store which was taking way too long, so I thought maybe this got stuck so a cancel and reinstall would work but it didn't so I restarted the laptop and I am stuck with the same error since. Below is the screenshot:

I would appreciate any help that can help me resolve this issue. I did try googling this but can't find anything relevant not even close.

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Gday @ShahzadShahab ,
As the "error" instructions says "run" dpkg --configure -a ,this should help complete the installation manually.

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This should do it:
sudo dpkg --configure -a zorin-windows-app-support

sudo dpkg --configure -a zorin-windows-app-support-desktop-files

sudo dpkg --configure -a zorin-windows-app-support-installation-shortcut

sudo dpkg --configure -a playonlinux

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