Need help with updating too from 16.3 too 17.1

I can't find the updater app in the system tools tab

Under main menu Settings


Gday @qwert ,

Do you have the updater running on auto or do you update when you feel like it? (as the Upgrader, should have come through via the normal updates)

if so please activate it.


sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade


Hope this helps

i won't lose my files right?

so i did that and uh...

Ok just run the above please, this will not cause data loss.
But you should have a backup made & a copy of Zorin OS on a bootable device if needed to help restore your system in the event something goes wrong.

Keep us informed.

ran it and rebooted my pc and nothing happened it still is 16.3

You still dont see the Upgrader?

My above instructions for update command ,, wasn't to upgrade you to Zorin OS 17,,, just to get the "Upgrader" working

It should present in 16.3 by default but if missing then you can install it with:

sudo apt install zorin-os-upgrader
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Yes ty @littlekun.

But the reason as to why it wasn't there to start with, was intriguing me. I assumed the updates had been turned off.. hence my avenue of approach.

So by running the full update on the system is a good idea as it brings everything up to date & as i assume has happened, it has also loaded the "Upgrader" app, to which i hope the user is now using or has it when needed.

Some of us turn off updates (so they tend to forget about it) as their use to windows running updates OMG, to which seems every time you logged on.

Hope my ramble has helped. :+1:

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Someone else also had similar issue before:
(Don't know why it was missing in the first place in 16.3)

To check if it is installed, open the Terminal and type apt list zorin-os-upgrader

If it is not installed (You will see a ''installed'' at the End) use the Command from @littlekun to install it.


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