Need newer Nvidia driver

Hey guys,

just because I am curious: Are there any plans or dates when the build in nvidia driver is getting an upgrade to a newer version?

Don't get me wrong - I am incredibly happy that this driver even exists. It made gaming on Linux much more easier to me. Just wanted to ask, if there are any news on that. Thanks!

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The Nvidia driver was recently updated already a month ago, its plenty new to run any game out there right now.

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Man, you're a genius! Didn't see this one! Thanks!

Still, the 470 version seems to be the one which is tested. When I switched to the 495, I am using it on my "own" risk right?


Arigato! I am not a genius, but I play one on this forum. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It is my humble opinion, that nobody should ever use any Nvidia driver that has the word TESTED in the title. When I have done so in the past, I had nothing but trouble. You only want to use the Nvidia driver version that only has the word PROPRIETARY in the title.

495 is the best Nvidia driver that has been released to date. It works just fine with modern kernel's.


Haha alreight, I am quite fixed to the word "tested" and don't have any (remarkable) issues yet.

But if you recommend this version, i'll try it. The newer the better :wink:

Changed to General. Forum volunteers won’t know when a driver will be released, hence my initial change to Chat. However, since it seems the 495 is what you were looking for, please mark the response as your solution.

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Yes, just did it!

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