Need opinion/advice about SurfShark VPN insisting I change linux settings

Hi everyone, I need some advice or guidance here. While I'm super new to linux, I'm not new to VPN's. I decided to try SurfShark bc they had some great reviews by reputable sources.

The problem is that SurfShark is leaking my IP. After contacting them, they asked me to change my grub to disable IPv6... which didn't work. Now they've sent a big sheet of instructions of things I must change in order to make it work on Linux. They don't even have a proper app for linux. It runs through command lines on a terminal which is really unprofessional, imo.

When I contacted support about it leaking my IP everywhere, they said to add this to grub GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="ipv6.disable=1 quiet splash"

Here's their reply after grub failed to disable IPv6.

Sadly, the IPv6 on your network is still enabled. In order to disable it try following this guide:

Moreover, I would recommend changing the DNS addresses on your Linux device. You can simply do that by following the steps below.

First, you need to open the terminal with the CTRL + ALT + T combination and type in the following commands:
sudo rm -r /etc/resolv.conf
sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

You will be asked for your root password after each command line, so just type it in and press enter. When the text editor opens, you will have to type in these lines:

Now you have to close and save the file, you can do that by clicking `Ctrl + X` and pressing `Y`.

After that, please type in the last command in the terminal:
chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf

Once you are finished, just reboot your device to successfully apply these changes!

I would like to note that if chattr +i does not work, try using the following command instead:
sudo chattr -f +i /etc/resolv.conf

The thing is, free Proton VPN and Mysterium dVPN works out of the box, in a proper app, on linux.

Should I really have to go through all the above to make their service work? And if I go and change all that stuff SurfShark is asking, can it possibly break other things on my system? How would I undo those changes, if need. Should I even trust this company seeing as they don't properly support linux?

Sidenote: their VPN also wouldn't unlock Netflix on a firestick.

What do you guys think?

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I use Proton VPN which has an app (GUI), and you can also use it's CLI tool to use it as well.

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Thanks @Kedric . As I stated above, I've used both Proton VPN and Mysterium dVPN on Linux without issues.

My question is about the changes to my system.

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I don't use Surf Shark VPN because I only use VPN to hide my IP.

Yes, that's what VPN's do. I'm not asking questions about preferences. I'm asking for help/input about the changes to my system.

I use Proton VPN cause there is a free plan. Usually I use it for Pirate Bay because MY ISP BLOCKS IT!!

@Kedric That is not what I am asking.

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I appreciate your insights, but please stop. This is not helpful.

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I didn't type anything afterwards. Sorry I guess

Tink, the settings look legit, to me. Sometimes, for some users, I also recommend disabling ipv6 for various network issues.
You can also change your DNS and your ipv4/ipv6 from Settings GUI.
Open Settings (gnome-control-center) and Select Network or Wifi. In this example, I will select Network. Now, click the settings icon on Wired > cable unplugged (just to the right of the Switch). A pop up window will open with tabs Details, Identity, IPv4, IPv6, Security
Click IPv6 tab and you can see the disable checkbox. You can also see the DNS box, which the same is on the IPv4 tab.

There are additional settings below Wired Connection for VPN setup and for Network Proxy.

That said, I also prefer Proton VPN.

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Thank you @Aravisian . I went to implement those changes but I seem to be missing some of those GUI settings.

I couldn't find anything about network/IPv4/6 under wifi either.

As do I. It's just that I already paid for this service. What a mistake. :roll_eyes: Proton VPN is fantastic but it's also more than double the cost and is limited to only 5 devices. Was hoping to find something more in my budget that allows for at least 7 devices.

What does the Gear Icon next to the switch (where it says off) reveal?

Only gives 3 choices - Auto, Disable, Manual. Disabled is set by default. If I select Manual, I get this:

Are you using Wifi? If so, what does the Gear Icon reveal for the Wifi ID you are using (Ensure you wait for it to fully load before clicking the gear icon).

Yeppers. That's where is was hiding. As always, I really appreciate the help. Now I'll be able to undo any of those above changes easily. You da best!

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I saw a similar recommendation in the RaspberryPi forum.
Makes me wonder why ipv6 is a not a good idea.

If I were you, I'd never get even a near that site.

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IPv6 is a good idea. Disabling it is honestly just an easy workaround, but the preferred method would be to create a script to keep IPv6 enabled, but refer to IPv4, first.
Where users run into trouble is when either their router or an application or a service conflicts with IPv6. Default is to try IPv6 and keep trying if it doesn't work. Disabling stops that, allowing the network to use IPv4.

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