Need tips with multiboot

First and foremost - amazing amazing super duper bestest of the best OS I have ever come across - and I have done some hopping with MX, Kali
Currently I am working with Pop OS. While I was installing Zorin OS I came across the option of installing simultaneous to Pop - I didn't take the risk and went for a clean install - but that is what kept me thinking - I am going to break my question -

  1. I am using PoP and have apps installed like ferdi, mailspring as well as some self hosted open source apps like piwigo, avideo, wallabag, bookstack etc
  2. The self hosted sites are hosted in /var/www/OSS Folder

If I install Zorin along with Pop - do I get to access these applications and self hosted sites without copying them into Zorin folders ? Like is that at all possible ?

P.S. I am running the entire PoP OS on a 128 GB usb drive I am using only 55 GB of my space so I got the space.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

While you can access to the files provided you change the permission for those files, I do not think it is possible to run apps installed in another OS.
Thanks to @Aravisian, I was wrong.
It seems you can run the apps in another installation/partition.

The size should be enough as long as you do not save any large multimedia files on it.

It is. You may need to mark the app as trusted, but you can also have the option to "launch anyway."
I just tested this with a variety of several apps installed on Mint, while I am booted into Zorin.

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Thanks for this info. I did not know.
I edited my original post with a correction.

I didn't know it either. Blew me away. I wondered, so I tested it real quick.

Necessity is the mother of invention - or should I say discovery :wink:

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply - I have two more questions -

  1. Sharing the apps - how to do it - is there a tutorial I can follow ?
  2. What about the self hosted sites - there is a folder structure as well as nginx (I think I can figure the nginx part) and the mysql - how to handle this ? Would be great if you can point to a tutorial.

Thank you so much again.