Need Video viewing app

Well I'm back .... for how long is anyone's guess .... an having major WiFi issues so maybe they fixed it this time ....

Well I have had plenty of time playing around with Zorin 16 Pro during this down time so it hasn't been a complete loss as no WiFi means no TV (cable down also) no Firestick or TV box in fact no entertainment what so ever for a week .... but bright side is we do have electricty as many folks here are with out that and are told it may be after the 1st before it is hooked back up .... lots and lots of electric poles down ...

Anyway while I was tinkering (I didn't break anything Aravisian I promise) I discovered some new folders and files I moved over from Win to Zorin and one of the things I discovered is that the video rendering programs are terrible .... I am looking for a program like Pot Player (from Win) I don't need all the bells and whistles like editing and all the other bloatware that these monster sized programs offer ....

So what do you use or recommend .... maybe I will be able to download some to try now .... thanks

VLC i find the best


Thanks for your reply .... can't believe I'm still on the net .... LOL .... yes a lot of people like VLC as do a lot of people like Gimp for photos ....but I don't care for either one .... installed VLC again to look it over ... along with :

Dragon Player
Huaruna Video Player --- didn't seem to load for some reason and it is not in Synaptic
MPV Video Player

Some look rather promising ....

The default player that comes in Zorin works well for me.


Use image viewer for pictures - Gimp is best for editing, I wouldn’t use it for viewing.

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Yes I use gParted for photos .... it also has batch controls which I use almost daily to change format as well as name of photos ....

Vlc integrates well with zorin. It works without issue 99% of the time and has simple controls. I realize you may have your own idea of simple, but it doesn't take much to understand it. There is rarely a need for extra codecs and most videos start without an issue. I like simple and working myself. If you're looking for an editor, that's quite a different story, but for viewing videos you really can't go wrong with vlc.

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gParted ???
Typo surely


The lengths one goes to, to avoid gimp. :blush:


VLC player

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I prefer xplayer. Admittedly, I do not often use video players...


Yup it should have been gThumb ..... but at least it was in the g family .... LOL

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You got that right .... it looks like a circus when you open it up .... menus here .... menus there and menus everywhere .... I just like a simple lay out with out scaring me to death ..... kinda like being attacked by a covey of baby chicks .... terrifying ..... LOL

I don't really watch videos for entertainment on my laptop but I will download them to an external HD and watch them on my TV ..... I general watch and or download instructional videos on a huge variety of subjects .... I use FreeTube for a lot of these videos .... never youtube .... as you don't need an account to watch FreeTube ....

I'm checking out VLC Player again as it looks like a reasonable amount of controls and not all jumbled up with menus ..... the main reason I prefer a separate video and photo app ....

Thank y'all for all your replies and suggestions ....

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VLC and MXplayer

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