Nemo file manager crashes 10% of the time

Every couple of weeks it will crash, been this way for months now, maybe even for a year now. Not sure if Nautilus does too, i cant remember, Nautilus might also.
Everything works fine with nemo until i do an action, such as explore, or rename a file, etc. Then it immediately crashes. It doesnt always crash when i do an action, only 10% of the time.
I havent given it high priority, but I've realized if I'm using nemo to transfer a large file, cut & pasting it, it might lose the file or damage it,etc.

So I need to get this problem fixed. So what can be done?
What about this, what if you guys advised me on what I should do when it crashes again, like look at some nemo error logs or something, if such a thing even exists.

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When it crash you can check the Log app.


Yes, this happens on Nautilus as well - generally, crashing is there is USB Involvement.
You say it only does it 10% of the time - have you noticed if in that ten percent, it happens whenever you access any external drive?

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My guess is that it's a segmentation fault.

Keep running nemo using the terminal until it crashes as that may return the exact error.


@Storm , thanks!

@Aravisian , Thanks!
I always have two of three USB drives plugged in, they are the cool very small kind, so they dont protrude. Its not my ideal, but my current situation needs it. They are 64GB & 128 GB USB drives.
And, i remember the crashing happening when i do actions with things on my SSD, not USB necessarily. In my opinion, its me merely using Nemo at all that will cause it to crash sometimes, no rhyme or reason. Only solution i can think of is to look at the error logs, which i havent known how to do.

@Turtle11 , thanks! Well, that will be a challenge because I dont know how to use nemo with the terminal & to do the same action takes much longer than using GUI nemo. So not sure if I realistically will ever do it, maybe i will if the nemo crashed again & the error logs dont help me.

You can launch terminal, then in terminal launch the file manager:


This will run Nemo attached to that terminal window.
It will still be your GUI file manager. However, everything you do will print in the terminal, leaving a record that you can look through. If it crashes- then you may see an error print in the terminal.

You can specify Nemo in the logs:

journalctl | grep nemo

Please keep in mind - that will produce a lot of output. This is normal. Anyones would with any file manager.
You can truncate with the summery tags or use pastebin to post the output here.

If it is not crashing due to accessing a USB port drive; my next guess would be Graphics.
Can you please post the output from terminal for

sudo lshw -C video


uname -r


The terminal is what I usually use to diagnose an error in a Linux app.


@Storm , @Aravisian , @Turtle11 , it crashed again yesterday, here is the only error log i could find in the log app. what happened?

Something to do with hardware? At least according to what I searched for on the internet, but I don't think that's what's going on here.

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That is indicative of a Kernel Trap.
What is your terminal output for

addr2line -e /usr/bin/nemo 55be99c7d4ef

Check which version of Nemo you are using:

nemo --version

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@Aravisian , its "/usr/bin" not "/usrbin" right?
and when i did: addr2line -e /usr/bin/nemo 55be99c7d4ef,

it gave me only this: "??:0"

And the version of Nemo i have is 5.8.4

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Yes _ edited and corrected the original post in case other readers get snagged by my typo, too.

Let's try:

addr2line -e /usr/bin/nemo 55be99c7d4ef+11f0000

There are many things that can cause a segfault, from memory leak to invalid permissions being accessed.
Do you remember having any permissions issues you sought to correct?

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@Aravisian , okay i did it, when i do:

addr2line -e /usr/bin/nemo 55be99c7d4ef+11f0000

I get this: "??:0"


"Do you remember having any permissions issues you sought to correct?"

No i dont. But i've installed & configured a bunch of stuff in this Zorin. I got "conda" installed & it always reactivates whenever i re-use the terminal, i have to always type in "conda deactivate" before i even use the terminal. Cant figure out a simple way to stop this.

Whats causing the segfault might be a permissions thing, as i've done a lot of terminal playing around, and sometimes after an hour of trying to install a program & all its dependencies i sometimes give up. So i might've messed with permissions. I have zero memory of doing this, to be clear. But i'm just saying it could be that.

Also from my research "Segfaults can also occur when your program runs out of stack space"

So it maybe that my RAM or CPU is getting too quickly overloaded? i have an old laptop.

Or it could be something totally different, that we might be able to fix together.

I am utterly failing you, here...
What ??:0 means is a null output. It could mean we are giving the wrong address for the line in the Nemo Binary file.
But can you run

file /usr/bin/nemo

If that says Stripped, then it means we cannot use the addr2line command option because the Nemo devs removed debugging symbols.

Possibly, but I wouldn't think Nemo would cause this. A game might. Using Blender might. But Nemo is pretty resource light.

I can't either. But a complicated way is to add some script to your bashrc file. I use ZShell, so in my case it would be my zshrc. If you are using Fish or Zsh, you would need to use that rc file instead of bashrc, too.
But, assuming you are using your default bash, open your ~/.bashrc file in a text editor.
Open a new tab in your text editor and copy this:

__conda_setup="$('/path/to/your/conda/bin/conda' 'shell.bash' 'hook' 2> /dev/null)"
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    eval "$__conda_setup"
    if [ -f "/path/to/your/conda/etc/profile.d/" ]; then
        . "/path/to/your/conda/etc/profile.d/"
        export PATH="/path/to/your/conda/bin:$PATH"
unset __conda_setup

and paste it into the new tab.
You will notice three things that need to be changed:
Two of /path/to/your/conda/etc/profile.d/
You need to set each of those to your actual paths on your computer.
It may be /usr/share/bin/conda or /etc/profile.d/ you can use the Search Function in your Nemo FM and hope it doesn't crash while you are doing it. :wink:

Once you have corrected the script, past it into your ~/.bashrc file. Save the file.
Reboot or source ~/.bashrc to reload it.
Test around... I must openly state - I did not write that script above from scratch - I got that from looking at Conda Documentation:

So I cannot promise it will work first try. Please double check your paths.

Yes, I understand. There is a lot we might have done at some point that we do not remember on these systems. For me, it is frustrating when a user starts a thread on an issue and I clearly remember a different member raising the same or very similar a few months back... And I cannot remember at all how we solved it. I try searching the forum and am racking my brains and it just refuses to be recalled...

How would you feel about a Backup of personal data and a Reinstall of Zorin OS if it comes down to it? While it often seems daunting, it is usually nowhere near as bad as we fear and a fresh start can really do wonders.


@Aravisian , i cant do a fresh reinstall at this moment unfortunately, have too much going on.

And will try your conda advice later on, Thanks!

Also two more things:
1.) Here are the results to your instructions:

file /usr/bin/nemo
/usr/bin/nemo: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/, BuildID[sha1]=5699be6566e6960d73cff3df0a952cd58e6a8e3f, for GNU/Linux 3.2.0, stripped

AND 2.) Nemo again & Monitorets crashed recently today, both at the same time, Monitorets crashes sometimes too, but thats generally only when CPU or RAM get high. That is what exclusively triggers Monitorets, whereas Nemo crashes at other low CPU & RAM times.

It says stripped - So I believe this is why the command continued giving null output. The debugging symbols are stripped out.

What are your full machine specs and which kernel are you on?
Has the Nemo File Manager been consistently crashing (sometimes) throughout your use of Zorin OS, including package and kernel upgrades?

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Nemo crashed again recently when my CPU & RAM was low or medium usage. Could not have been a cause. I am terrified that nemo will crash when i am cutting & pasting/moving a large file & it will corrupt it.

which kernel are you on?

uname -r tells me: 5.15.0-84-generic

And i have Zorin OS 16.3.

Has the Nemo File Manager been consistently crashing (sometimes) throughout your use of Zorin OS, including package and kernel upgrades?

I wish i could tell you, i dont know, its been crashing for a long time though. I am not in a position to do a fresh OS reset and see if any custom configs or packages are causing breakage,etc. I'd need a secondary hard drive to do that. I do have time for diagnostics/troubleshooting that doesnt require a fresh OS reset though, hence my post.

This really may be the biggest crutch.

There is a lot going on in this topic, where hardware faults and software faults are equally probably suspects.
Since reinstalling is not currently feasible, I would recommend memtesting your RAM and S.M.A.R.T. testing all relevant drives.
If all hardware is passing the tests... Then the kernel combined with some software and configurations are suspect. You might change the kernel - I fell back to the 5.15.0-83 when the -84 gave me some problems.

Beyond that - we are left with reinstalling as the best option...

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@Aravisian, More progress. Got some more errors today. See screenshots. Nemo likes to crash when I rename folders. Especially one particular folder.

Error #1, is it an error?

Error #2:

Error #3:


Error #5:

@Jessie , do you have the Thumbnails option set higher than default? The thumbnailer may be increasing your CPU or RAm usage - resulting in freezing when intense file management is under way.

It is important to note that NemoFM overlays on the existing Desktop on Zorin OS. Much of the processing is handed to Nautilus or Thunar.
This being the case, I suspect that switching FM's to either will not make a difference.
But it might narrow down where the trouble is coming from.

Everything you have posted so far really leads me to believe a fresh install is a likely solution. I know that is not the route you want to go - but it is helpful to know you have an emergency escape hatch if needed.

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