Nemo text at bottom of folder - not status bar


What is that text at the bottom called? The "8 selected (containing 0 items)" ? It's not the status bar, since I don't have that activated. I don't even know how to describe it so I can search for how to remove the annoying pest.

I think I've seen it on Nautilus or Thunar as well, don't recall perfectly, but it didn't reach the pinnacle of annoying until now.

Are you in core or lite? This will make a difference in being able to assist you.

xfce you may be able to adjust using this:

and for gnome:

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Thanks. I added “xfce” as a tag in the OP.

From the first link, the command in the selected answer seems to be for xfce, in general. I did try it and couldn’t discern any of the listed settings as regarding this text. Did see a thunar-volman setting but nothing for nemo.

In Nautilus, this is .nautilus-window .floating-bar
On my copy of Nemo, I have status bar enabled and I can't live without it and cannot imagine turning it off.
It has several controls on it, along with the status notifications on selected items.

I am not sure what Nemo calls it, but will explore and test with it and see if I can isolate what fix for it there is.

The best I can determine is that it's a leftover of the status bar. I checked with status bar on and off and that text in my posted pic appears when the status bar is off but doesn't seem to show with it on. Worst case scenario, I'll turn on the status bar and leave it on but fingers-crossed that it isn't the only option.

I admit, I am confused. I thought I would have this sorted.
It should be calling on ".floating-bar".
But instead, it is calling on ".background".

By changing the font color to "transparent" on .background, I made it disappear. But that is no fix and it would affect every other background text.

I'll do some more research and see if i can narrow down a config file or anything that will allow that notification to stop in that app alone. May have to reverse engineer a solution... but what else is Linux about than customization and taking control of your computer.

Without editing the preferences.c and preferences.h , editing also the main script for the program it looks like the infobar is there with no way to remove it unless the status bar is enabled. Maybe you can find a loophole... here is a link to the source:

I believe the variable name is Infobar. It is included as part of gtx_infobar_*. But to emphasize a preference you would have to deal with preferences and main.

Why they don't call it a toast and create a preference for it, like android, i don't know.

Interestingly; I just turned off my statusbar and I am not seeing the same thing as Carmar. Instead, there is no status displayed at the bottom at all.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the investigation.
I think I've wasted enough of your time - more so given that you two are busy testing Z16. I suspect it may also be an artifact of some minor screwup when I installed Nemo. As you recall, I have that strange not-copy-from-Desktop issue. I'll just turn on the status bar and that should suffice. Sorry for the bother.

Appreciate the sentiment... But you really think we are gonna let this mystery haunt?
I get the feeling Harvey is similar in this: Not trying to "solve for you" as much as "learn for self".

I know - both of you have the inquisitive drive. I know it won’t be forgotten - just my 2 cents that it can sit on the backburner

Nothing is really backburner, only slightly delayed. Something comes along that peaks interest, but things tend to nag when they are unfinished, or unresolved.

I'm curious to see if you add a preference to it, similar to Firefox, if it'll break things or behave as intended. Knowing a variable doesn't necessarily give you access. But between this and other threads in Ubuntu and other forums, maybe it'll cause the devs to create the feature instead of risk hacks and possible security/ performance leaks do to a rather simple "feature" in preferences. More to come... I'm sure.

I looked into nemo...i was in the wrong file manager, and found that the floating bar uses a css file to stylize it...can you find it in the config folder, use transparent text to eliminate it? More reading to do after this smoke...I'll be back

That was the angle I was approaching it at:

What is Nemo calling?

I went here:

then saw this:

but it looks like it hasn't been incorporated according to:

looks like it's using the gtk_widget_class:

static void

nemo_floating_bar_hide (GtkWidget *widget)

NemoFloatingBar *self = NEMO_FLOATING_BAR (widget);

GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (nemo_floating_bar_parent_class)->hide (widget);
gtk_spinner_stop (GTK_SPINNER (self->priv->spinner));


I see the call you refer to, but at the bottom is a return:
/return GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (nemo_floating_bar_parent_class)->draw (widget, cr);;

Sorry, thats the hide, thought it was nemo_floating_bar_show:

nemo_floating_bar_show (GtkWidget *widget)
NemoFloatingBar *self = NEMO_FLOATING_BAR (widget);

GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (nemo_floating_bar_parent_class)->show (widget);

if (self->priv->show_spinner) {
	gtk_spinner_start (GTK_SPINNER (self->priv->spinner));


and the method/function I got the return statement is